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Entropy Gang

So we knew what was coming - and of course, we had absolutely no idea what was coming.

So goes another Apple Launch Event, and this time while everyone is enjoying the "brightened day" of the multi-colour iPhone 5c lineup, we're pretty blown away by the new 5s. Not only does it sport that nifty fingerprint scanner - the aptly named Touch ID, a 64-bit A7 architecture, and a vastly improved camera, but it also comes in gold (!)

And in our mind, those are just for starters. The real breakthrough in the 5s is the new A7 "co-processor" chip dubbed the M7 which promises to enable a "new generation of health and fitness apps". The M7 will continuously "measure motion data" and includes a fully embedded gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass. Apple will also be including a new API specifically designed for the M7 called CoreMotion which will identify a user's movement and "make optimisations based on contextual awareness."

In essence, this single chip may have actually put the iWatch inside of the 5s.  

Not only are companies like Fitbit, Misfit Wearables, and a slew of other 3rd party fitness trackers grimacing with pain - but Apple has effectively frozen the primary use case of an iWatch (or any connected watch) in its tracks.

Sure, Apple may integrate the M7 co-processor into a Smartwatch of their own in coming months, but with the 5s now including the onboard sensor as standard, there is absolutely no rush to do so. 

This is serious game changer for the wearable computing market - one which will force the early incarnations of "fitness trackers" as well as Smartwatches to seriously re-evaluate their USPs. 

We're just starting to get to grips with what the M7 means for fitness and health apps - not to mention gaming, augmented and virtual reality, navigation and other applications. In a few months once the dust has settled, I think the M7 will prove the serious trojan horse that causes us all to re-evaluate what we actually require from some forms of wearable computers - and especially Smartwatches. 

After all, who wants to wear yet another device when everything you need is already in your pocket.  


Entropy Gang

Written by Entropy Gang