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Entropy Gang

Yesterday we made it official - Entropy is now part of the Bletchley Park Science & Innovation Centre. While we're slowly moving in over the next few weeks and getting to know our new neighbours - we have to say how excited we are to be a part of such an amazing location and piece of history. 

Our new office is part of Block E - one of the specially-built, explosion-proof brick buildings which arrived in 1943 as the space in the Mansion and Huts became filled to capacity with the ever increasing numbers of cyphers, academics, soldiers and servicemen/women who made Bletchley Park famous throughout the Second World War.

Bletchley Science & Innovation Centre - Block 'E'.

Block E in particular was home to the incoming/outgoing radio transmissions as well as the Type-X cipher machines (the British version of the German Enigma). According to the official Bletchley Park Guide:

E Block was the centre for all outgoing information. From here, the final messages - decrypted, translated, analysed and paraphrased - were forwarded to the Allied commanders via teleprinter or dispatch rider. If the message was destined for overseas, it was re-encyphered on a Type-X machine before being transmitted by radio.

The Type-X machines were an adaptation of the German Enigma Cipher machine, with a number of enhancements to increase security - including the use of 5 rotor wheels as compared to the 3 or 4 used in Enigma. In addition the Type-X rotors contained interlocking notches so that movement of one rotor also moved the neighbouring rotor - further increasing its complexity and security. 

A British Type-X Cipher Machine

As you can tell, we're already getting WAY into the history that's now all of sudden around our ears. Did we forget to mention that we're 2 minutes walk from The National Museum of Computing as well as a stone's throw from a working rebuild of a Bombe decryption device and the famous Colossus (the world's first programmable computer built to break the more advanced German codes later in the war).

So yeah, we're going to 


 geek out a bit in our new home. So expect some further posts about the new toys we come across here at the Park...

Entropy Gang

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