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Entropy Gang

If you follow our twitter feed - or know a bit about our unhealthy excitement about connected watches and wearable devices - you'll know that we have been waiting patiently for our new Pebble Smart Watch to ship. And finally, the mail arrived.

Here at Entropy, we're rapidly gearing up for the full release of the Pebble SDK - and while the Google I/O Preview Document for Android is available (it looks like we may have yet another Pebble "queue" on our hands).

Between Pebble and the Mailbox App, it appears that delayed gratification is the new killer app.    

While the reality will likely not match the hype - the early reviews of Pebble are indeed promising. While Apple Insider and others have showered guarded praise, others have lamented the lack of apps as the main reason they remain uninspired.

Obviously the watch faces and notifications are nice, but they won't be enough to force the sane consumer (i.e. the ones who would never buy sight-unseen a prototype watch they would need to wait 8 months to touch; or don't check their reservation number in the Mailbox App queue daily!) to rush out and fill that "connected watch" void in their life.

As with the iPad, it may indeed require Apple (and the purported iWatch) to make the  connected watch paradigm mainstream. 

Regardless, connected devices are coming - and the interest in the Pebble "Smart Watch" is only the beginning. Over at Bletchley Park, we've already begun chatting to clients about what's in store - and have even begun mapping out some connected watch products and prototypes for our "extreme"-ly early adopter customers. 

Till then, though - we wait. Thankfully we've had a lot of practice the last few weeks...


Entropy Gang

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