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Entropy Gang

There was an interesting article in GigaOm today about wearable device design - and specifically the progress and vision of Misfit Wearables - the Silicon Valley darling funded by the likes of former Apple CEO John Sculley and Founders Fund.

More than anything, the article has reinforced many pundits view that the wearable and "connected" device market is set to absolutely explode in coming months. 

The Shine - a wearable, trendy little thing. 

Misfit is probably best known for its Shine personal activity tracker device - an elegant aluminium and led-light coin-sized clip-on device that monitors your activity level - and syncs directly with an iPhone App for any number of collaborative possibilities. All this is interesting and has been done before (see the Nike Fuel Band) but what's inspiring about Misfit is the approach to what they have dubbed "Glaceable UI" that may well become a new industry catch-phrase (or at least something trendy techies will drop into meetings for a bit of early adopter street-cred). 

On the subject of "wearable devices" - we've now had the Pebble Smartwatch all of three days and already it's producing a range of emotions - from addictive and fascinating to...well...extremely frustrating - all at the same time. We're in love with the SMS and Phone alerts - but other notifications are terribly unreliable - a symptom not of Pebble's software or design, but an iOS bug that disconnects the link between the Pebble and it's onboard iOS App every hour or so. These are "early adopter" problems to be sure - but the potential is undeniable - and once the SDK is released, we'll be testing a whole raft of new ideas here in the lab.

Till then we'll ponder the merits of "Glanceable UI" - and await the arrival of our Shine (hey, we needed to pre-order something that forces us to have a little delayed gratification now that the Pebble has shipped).

Entropy Gang

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