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Entropy Gang

You know what we hate - QR Codes. Have to be honest. There's something just plain dodgy and archaic about those little barcodes that it  seems advertisers are still convinced the general mobile user understands and actually delights in scanning. 

Really? How many people have a QR Code reader App downloaded on their Smartphones? Worse, how many poor souls simply try using their Smartphone camera and end up taking a photo that serves no other purpose than to annoy them every time they are scanning through their photos from their recent holiday.  

And frankly, they're just plain ugly.

So why isn't NFC making more noise at advertising and digital agencies? After all, they can be more powerful, more interactive, don't require an App to run, and best of all - invisible. And now that NFC is running on just about every Smartphone available on the High Street, it seems ludicrous we're not seeing more NFC ads on posters or in magazines. 

So what's been the hold up? Well, in one word - Apple.

While Samsung, HTC, LG, Asus, Nokia and almost every other handset manufacturer has added NFC hardware to their devices, the iPhone remains oddly defiant. That is almost certainly set to change later this Summer with the release of the next generation iPhone - meaning once Apple joins the game, NFC is going big-time. 

Even without iPhone users, NFC is available to over 90% of all Smartphones - and can be an exceptional tool for advertising, location-aware content, and of course point-of-sale transactions. 

We've been doing some fun things with NFC here at Entropy - including some prototypes around NFC Ads, embedded Apps and location tags for our clients.

Anyway, this isn't meant to be a sales pitch - but we had to vent some steam over this whole QR thing. NFC is definitely coming - and for many of us, it's already here.

Entropy Gang

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