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Entropy Gang

We thought about the foosball table thing, and perhaps even a ping pong table (for a little in-house workout). But in the end, we can't get past the attraction of early 80's video game cabinets - so we just bought ourselves a fully restored Defender arcade machine for the Entropy office !

For those of you who perhaps don't remember this beautiful little machine - it's nothing short of a video-gaming legend. Released in 1980 by Williams Electronics and developed by the now iconic Eugene Jarvis, Defender was perhaps the most complicated and ground-breaking video game of its time.

Often described as the most difficult and complex game of its generation, Defender featured no less than 6 buttons, a full scrolling 2D screen, and the oft-mimicked 'minimap' feature. 

From Wikipedia:

Professor Jim Whitehead from the University of California listed Defender as the first horizontally scrolling shooting game, and describes it as a breakthrough title for its use of full 2D motion, advanced audio, multiple goals, and complex gameplay.  

Cuciz further stated that Defender's use of scrolling introduced the "first true 'gaming environment'".

In 2008, Guinness World Records listed it as the number six arcade game in technical, creative, and cultural impact. That same year, Retro Gamer rated the game number ten on their list of "Top 25 Arcade Games of All Time", citing it as a technical achievement and a difficult title with addictive gameplay. Also in 2008, Edge ranked Defender the sixth best game from the 1980s.

So yeah - we're more than a little excited about our new roommate which should be joining us here at Bletchley Park at the end of the week!  

Stay tuned for a few High Score reports... 



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