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[fa icon="calendar"] 08-Jul-2013 14:58:00 / by Entropy Gang

Entropy Gang

For those of us using the iOS 7 Beta on a regular basis, we are more than familiar with the odd crash, stutter, and UI miscue. After all, this is only 'Beta 2' of what likely has more than 2 months of modifications and polishing to go. 

That said, we came across a pretty glaring issue with truncated text buttons that deserves attention - as it wasn't in a third-party App that had simply not been optimised for iOS 7. Worryingly, the 'glitch' appears in Apple's own iOS 7 native Music App - where the "Now Playing" text button (visible when a user has navigated out of the music player screen) becomes auto-truncated to simply read "N...ing". What's worse - the font size has been reduced to accomodate the truncated abbreviation - leaving the navigation balance and readability seriously compromised. 

While we're certain this will be (or is being) addressed - this rather brilliantly exposes a serious design challenge for the "borderless button" - which has already been widely touched upon by countless sources. With the greater use of textual prompts over icons and images, the typical top-level navigation bar risks becoming overcrowded - a situation that in textual terms means either fewer characters or potentially brutal truncation. 

Yet more evidence that designing a clean, simple and modern UI using the iOS 7 methodology demands a precise and thorough design approach (with plenty of testing and refinements).

Even the best designers are going to find this challenging indeed.

Just ask Apple.

Entropy Gang

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