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[fa icon="calendar"] 19-Aug-2013 14:55:00 / by Entropy Gang

Entropy Gang

With the latest release of iOS 7 (now Beta 6) it's increasingly clear we are edging closer (if not a release or two away) from the Gold Master (GM) of iOS 7.

With a release date of September 10th, the only question at this point is - how many Betas do we even have left?

With the Beta release cycle being slightly thrown off schedule by the extensive Developer Centre downtime earlier in the month, it's difficult to project when Beta 7 (or 8) will arrive at this point. That said, knowing that Apple will probably provide developers around 10 days of "quality time" with the GM seed prior to it's release on September 10th, we are likely looking at one or possibly even two minor Betas releases before the big reveal.

In fact, we would expect Beta 7 to likely drop by the end of this week - given the almost emergency bug fix nature of the Beta 6 release (a mere 15.3 MB update).

Apple reportedly released Beta 6 with some urgency following some iTunes in the Cloud synching issues - but we've actually found a lot more to like in the small "mini-Beta" release. For one thing, Bluetooth synching is vastly improved (well, fixed!) - as all our accessories (Pebble, Shine, BT Headset, etc.) are all synching and pairing flawlessly - perhaps for the first time since we've installed iOS 7. We've also noticed quite a few performance enhancements - including much better GPS management (in other words, when a location-aware app is minimised, the GPS is also switched off more reliably).

So for the everyday iOS 7 Beta user, we're starting to feel like we're pretty much ready for primetime. It's apparent Apple is as well - so stay tuned for some very minor final Beta releases in coming weeks - with the GM  hopefully upon us on or around the 30th of August. 

Last call for Developers to prep updates ! 

Entropy Gang

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