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So it's the day before the big September 10th Apple iPhone Event and the rumours - while on the whole consistent in the belief that Apple will announce two new iPhones (the modestly upgraded 5S and the low-cost multi-colour 5C) - are still just that, rumours and murmurs. 

We've been surprised before and there will no doubt be some aspects of the new hardware (fingerprint scanner, larger screen, slightly revised form factor perhaps?) that will make us begin the inevitable scramble to prepare for App compliance that will begin sometime around 2PM EST/7PM BST (or about an hour after Tim Cook takes the stage).  

Speculation is great - and oftentimes fairly accurate - and there is indeed every reason to believe we will see two new iPhone models and a slew of new features become reality by tomorrow evening including the GM release of iOS 7 - meaning Apple will now be accepting Apps designed specifically for the new OS. 

However as Developers it's important to make a few "pre-announcement" resolutions to ensure we remain as flexible as possible and are prepared for whatever twists and turns come our way in the next few days: 

Resolution #1: Don't Dramatically Disrupt Current Projects

As Designers & Developers, we are always keen to be the first in-store with a new feature or optimised version for any new hardware that is announced. Tomorrow evening will no doubt see a large percentage of Developers frantically reviewing current App projects in development and rewriting project plans. Our mantra is - Apps don't hit their stride until Version 1.4 or 1.5 at least - so relax, digest the new features and hardware specifications, and plan ahead for version updates (see Resolution #3). If your App is nearing completion then complete the App - there's always time to add in cool new features in Version 1.1 or above.

Resolution #2: Plan in Extra Days for App Approval in September

Once Apple officially release the GM of iOS 7 (which in all likelihood will occur in the next few days) then the shop is open for submissions of iOS 7 Apps. That means a rush of new Apps to review and a lengthy queue for App approvals. Plan accordingly. If you have marketing or launch events set to run on a hard date - make sure you're at least doubling the usual approval time into your plans. There's no telling how long we'll be waiting for App Approvals in September. 

Resolution #3: Plan Ahead for 1.1 Updates to Your iOS 7 Apps 

A corollary to our first Resolution - it's important to have a clear roadmap for your App planned and in place (well, that's always the case - but now more than ever). That means adding in development time (sprints, etc.) and generous padding to your 1.1 and above releases. No doubt some aspect of tomorrow's Keynote will take you by surprise and you'll want your App to take full advantage as quickly as possible. That's cool - but go ahead and plan in a few weeks for a feature that is not yet defined. By tomorrow evening it will be, trust me...

Resolution #4: Look at Any Surprises as Opportunities Instead of Challenges

We've been guilty of 'rooting'  for or against certain features - heck, that's why Apple Keynotes feel as much like a sporting event as a business announcement. You have an App that would totally rock with NFC capability? Or perhaps you have a feature that just needs a bit more security like a fingerprint scanner to really take off? Regardless of what you're hoping for, you're likely to be a bit disappointed and a bit surprised during tomorrow's Keynote. The trick is to look at everything as an opportunity. As Developers, this is the fun part of what we get to do - and we'll no doubt have a LOT to discuss by Wednesday morning.

So for the rest of the day today, forget about the rumours and speculation - and try and follow some of the resolutions above. After all, there will be plenty of time to obsess over the reality of the new iPhones soon enough... 


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