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[fa icon="calendar"] 04-Nov-2015 12:49:30 / by Entropy Team

Entropy Team

A slight often levelled at agencies - and specifically digital agencies in paricular - is the constant state of internal rebranding and site re-design. Let's face it, we just love messing with our image and playing around with our own sites. Sadly, we are no different (and maybe a touch worse) as we've just re-designed the lovely new Entropy Web site you see around you - and have thrown in a domain change just for the heck of it as well. signature.jpg

Our clients are slowly getting used to our new emails and URL - and we hope you enjoy it as well - as 'thisisentropy.com' was just too much of a mouthful (and we can't even begin to explain how hard it was to spell to people over the phone! Ugh).

Also, we kinda like the double play on words as....ya know...entropy does really work after all. And on that note, we found a fun graphic explaining entropy really well. Enjoy!








Entropy Team

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