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Entropy CEO Featured in The Sunday Times

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Entropy Team

We're super excited Entropy CEO, Eddie Vassallo has been included in today's Sunday Times special Raconteur Report on Mobile Business 2016.

Consulted on the article "How to keep customers satisfied with mobile" by Hazel Davis (Raconteur, Page 3, 13/12/2015), Eddie explains some of the motivation and planning that went into our cross-platform app rollout for the Art Fund:

"Although apps are often designed to run on one or two platforms, we designed the Art Guide (app) so that it would be accessible to everyone, across all devices including Apple Watch."


The article goes on to detail the Entropy/Art Fund approach to increasing customer engagement through advanced sharing and ratings systems within the app - available across iOS (phones/tablets/Apple Watch), Android (phones/tablets) and even Windows 10 (PCs/tablets/phones).

We've uploaded the full PDF of The Sunday Times Raconteur here - so be sure and check it out - as the entire section is devoted to the evolution of mobile business, with some great infographics and articles throughout.

You can also click below to download the full section:



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