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iPad Pro for Development Tasks

[fa icon="calendar"] 03-Dec-2015 10:26:02 / by Eddie Vassallo

Eddie Vassallo

As outlined yesterday, while it's all fine and good to upload PDF's, Word Docs, and even spreadsheets to web sites (as well as attach them to email), one of my big fears with replacing my MacBook with an iPad Pro was simply the loss of a simple workflow to upload new app builds to our test flight system (in this case HockeyApp) to allow our testers and clients to easily access them.

Sounds trivial - but this is a huge part of my day, and being handicapped to waiting until I'm in the office to simply upload an .ipa file (iOS app) or .apk file (Android app) to the HockeyApp system would be a massive shame, and may well spell the end of the 'experiment' far earlier than I'd planned.

Thankfully Readdle has come to the rescue yet again - as Documents 5 has hit this one out of the park. Basically, it's the same workflow as before: save your ipa/apk file from an email to Dropbox (or simply add to Dropbox from another machine), open Readdle Documents 5 and save the file to your main documents folder, upload and chill....


Although Dropbox also allows uploads of multiple file types (I've actually finally been able to make this happen, so please stop sending mails!) - I've found it really hit and miss, and much less reliable than simply moving my key documents over to the Readdle Documents app. And when you need to do something in a hurry, you really need 100% reliability. The thing with iOS is - not every workflow is perfectly repeatable, so having a rock solid document system like Readdle is an absolute must.

May seem like a small thing, but I know there are a LOT of software professionals out there who have a very specific use case that may be keeping them away from the iPad Pro. With this use case knocked off the list, the arguments against the iPad Pro as my main machine (when away from my iMac) are diminishing quickly.

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Eddie Vassallo

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