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iPad Pro Test: The Verdict

[fa icon="calendar"] 15-Dec-2015 09:00:00 / by Eddie Vassallo

Eddie Vassallo

Over the past two weeks, not only have we been putting the iPad Pro through its paces as a 'daily driver' for the typical 'Tech CEO', but we've also been overwhelmed with the number of positive comments (both on the site and on twitter) to our device reviews in general.

Therefore, although the iPad Pro test is now formally complete, keep an eye out for future device reviews and commentary across smartphones, wearables, tablets, and perhaps even a few laptops/convertibles as well. As we develop a wide array solution across web, mobile, and wearables here at Entropy a multitude of devices pass through our hands every week - so rest assured we'll continue to post our thoughts and reviews as they come in. 

But we're getting ahead of ourselves - as now is the time for the iPad Pro Verdict.

Just to recap, I spent the past two weeks away from my desktop (iMac) using only the iPad Pro. I'm a heavy multi-tasker, so this was quite a challenge - which saw the iPad Pro excel (email, writing, general communication), hiccup (document management), and even falter (online meetings). The test ended this past week with a 3-day business trip to Poland where the iPad Pro was my main (and only) business device.

And what a final test it was!

In a way, fully dedicating myself to the iPad Pro abroad cemented the capability of the device - as it needed to not only provide a full laptop experience, but would be relied upon to carry my various bits of content and personal entertainment (movies/tv shows/books), in addition to functioning as a slick 'instant-on' solution for cafes, hotels, and airiports. 


And on all counts - it was a blazing success.

So much so, that rather than inundate you with use cases of every trial the iPad Pro passed when away from the UK, I will simply announce that I have decided to part ways with my 12-inch Retina MacBook.

For good. 

The iPad Pro is now my main 'carry' device - meaning the only laptop/tablet that will be with me away from the office. And that is saying a LOT about the viability of iOS to perform my daily tasks (and even my full computing tasks away from the country).

But what has been most surprising the past few weeks is how I have truly re-disovered the 'fun' of computing.


 In a word - the iPad Pro simply makes the most mundane tasks enjoyable.

And that goes a long way. Far enough to make me forget about the issues with online meetings and screen sharing. Far enough to make me happy to pound away on a fabric keyboard for several hours a day. And even far enough for me to put up with a series of odd workarounds to do very basic tasks like file uploads.

When I started this little journey, I was sure I would either run back to my MacBook within a few days, or use these blog posts to document all the reasons to forget about the iPad Pro as a 'laptop replacement'. Instead, I've been like a kid at Christmas every time I've opened the tablet to do some work. It's been a solid companion for business and personal fun alike.

And for me, it just may be that one device that can truly do it all.

And that's high praise as I jump between devices almost weekly.

But one thing is certain, I finally feel confident to name the iPad Pro Test a resounding success. And this little (well...BIG) guy will remain my 'mobile' device of choice for the forseeable future.  

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Eddie Vassallo

Written by Eddie Vassallo

Eddie is Founder & CEO of Entropy, former Head of Mobile for Discovery Channel, regular Guest Contributor on GigaOm and has been featured on Daring Fireball, CNN, and Strategy Eye.