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Entropy Team

Needless to say, things change very quickly in Web and Mobile development these days, and the last thing you want is to be upstaged in a client meeting or workshop by someone with the latest news or jargon.

Sure you could traverse your RSS feeds multiple times a day to see if Node.js v4 is still current - actually, v5 is out already (!) - or set up a twitter list with the latest updates, but frankly why do it the hard way when someone is out there doing all that for you. 

Embarrassingly, we've only recently discovered Anselm Hannemann's glorious WDRL newsletter (that's Web Development Reading List) and it's a total winner. 

Even for those of us in the office who are a bit tech-challenged, the weekly newsletter is a great way to keep up to date on the latest Web technologies (from Node to Ruby, browsers, and resources). 

Basically, brave Anselm does all the reading, sifting, and summarising of a multitude of feeds, sources, and articles before compiling a final list for each newsletter. Here's his process:

I (Anselm) collect all the links coming up in my twitter, Google+ stream and my own findings into a rough list. The first selection already happens after I read an article — if it’s well written and has valuable content it will go into the list, otherwise it will be thrown away. You can imagine there is a load of good articles in just one week; it would be too much for a summary as the WDRL aims to be. A second review guarantees that only important articles and topics come up. Usually this results in about 15 links a week.

Oddly there seems to be a LOT more resources like WDRL for mobile development these days - so it's a great to see something wholly focused on Web Development - and well worth a few minutes every week. 

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