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Remarkable & the (New) Era of Bespoke Content Management

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Entropy Team

If you've spent any time on the new Entropy site, you'll know we're pretty darn proud of the recent bespoke deployment of Remarkable for Oxford University Press. In fact, given the number of requests this past year for Remarkable custom configurations, we've created an entirely new product.

We call it Remarkable Enterprise Edition (yeah, that's the best our Marketing Department could come up with ;-) and it's already changing the roadmap of Remarkable in some pretty amazing ways. 

We started Remarkable way back in 2013 as an idea (and philosophy) based on mobile app content management and specifically the granular content requirements of emerging devices like wearables and connected TVs.

When we launched the Mobile version of the product last year, the response was phenomenal - as downloads of our iOS and Android SDKs (i.e. the code that is embedded in native mobile/tablet apps to inject Remarkable content) went through the roof. And we continue to refine the Mobile experience of Remarkable through updated SDKs, increased device support, and custom templates for Android Wear, Apple Watch, Connected TVs and more. 

In fact, if you haven't yet checked out the original Remarkable for Mobile - have a quick look at our dedicated site.

Our clients in particular have loved integrating Remarkable into their mobile and tablet apps - and have even discovered new ways to use our CMS that we had never imagined. While several clients use Remarkable to manage a diverse set of iOS and Android Apps, another uses our advanced feed management and translation engine to visually traverse, manage, and distribute a wide range of news and information feeds to their clients. 

And yet other clients, like Oxford University Press are using Remarkable to power the intricate and complex needs of their modern Web sites.


And this is the cool part - Remarkable was built to do all of this - and more. Having built the Remarkable system on a core philosophy of modern content management, breaking away from the archaic page-based paradigm that has strangled CMS Editors and users for decades, our content engine is ready for just about any web, mobile, or even wearable content task you can throw at it. 

For years the words "customise" and "bespoke" have been the bane of the CMS world, as major suppliers have stuck stringently to the single product model. Sure plug-ins and limited modules are available for a lot of the leading web and mobile CMS solutions, but the systems have been fundamentally designed to conform to a set of rigid content management assumptions with little regard for the specific needs of each customer.

That's why Remarkable has been such a breath of fresh air for many of our clients who absolutely require custom components, interface elements, and editing tools. 

While we have a ridiculous amount of in-built tools ready to go for customers who are flexible enough to pick and choose existing components that meet their needs - we don't force anyone to conform to us. Rather, Remarkable Enterprise Edition is infinitely customisable, scalable, and malleable - meaning we can create any set of tools, interfaces, permissions, business rules, and system integrations our customers may require. 

In an age where everything is productised and "what you see is what you get", we've been excited to go 'old school' and help our core system match our customer needs - not the other way around. It's exciting to be so retro - and frankly, it's what our customers need. 

Remarkable will continue both as a fully product-ready Mobile CMS, as well as an Enterprise system ready for a slew of content management and delivery scenarios.

But we're excited to continue our fully customised deployments for clients who need a bit more from their CMS - and crucially, want to extend the powerful core philosophy of the Remarkable content engine in ways that map precisely to their individual content needs.

After all, that's exactly why we designed Remarkable. We want to shatter the existing CMS paradigm, and that means providing a solution that is exactly what our customers need. Every time. 

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Entropy Team

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